This year will probably be the best year in our lifetime to visit Yellowstone National Park!  The crowds this year will be at an all-time low due to COVID-19 and travel restrictions.  The Park Service has restricted bus travel into the park as well, which translates into probably the best year to come visit Yellowstone Park.  A few days ago our son Ben, his wife Caitlyn, Suzie and I visited the park and took in Lookout Point.  The picture above is Lookout Point, one of the most popular vistas in the park and a great view of the Lower Falls.  We had this beautiful vantage point all to ourselves, at 1:30 in the afternoon!!  In 30+ years and hundreds of visits to this spot I have only experienced this once, and it was at 5:00am.

Here is a picture of Ben and Suzie taking in the falls, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, and river below.

This is Caitlyn looking down into the Osprey nest.  All these pictures are at a deserted Lookout Point!  Unbelievable!  About an hour later we were watching a wolf from the Molly Pack in Hayden Valley…with two other cars.  Typically viewing wolves you have a hard time finding parking after sitting in a wolf-jam for 20 minutes.

If you’ve had Yellowstone on your bucket list, this is the year to do it.  It won’t be like this again in our lifetime!